'Nous wave' music sweeps Quebec


Tribune libre - 2007

[Dear M. MacPherson->10238],

Are you blaming a sound of excluding minorities ?

About Dé-Génération :

Yes, It is about identity.

No, it isn't about narcissism, far from it.

No blame is addressed to minorities because the sound doesn't mention them.
Therefore, you seem to ascribe that sound some antiethnic prejudices.
This is the kind of ideology that runs the Quebec's Ministry of Education.
Civil servants have tried to impose politically correctness in the cursus in such a depth they forgot the first mission of a school : to transmit knowledge. The History cursus was so distorted for accommoding minorities and remove separatist ideology, that the next generation of historians will follow Alzheimerian History. Then, they will be able to do "Creative History".

When I speak about minorities, it can be both ethnical, sexual, religious and political minorities.

Quebec is in a sociological impasse because of its weak reproduction rate.
We are talking about this and about accommodating immigrants because previous governments didn't worry during their tickets of the viability of the society. No one seemed to have a long-term sight beyond their own ticket.
Again Jean Charest wants tens of thousands of immigrants in Quebec but he cutted the budget for their integration.
Then, it will be again Them and Us.

I do agree to rational accommodations to immigrants.
But, if you must label sounds according to accomodating or identitarian criteria, there is one famous to denounce :

Oh Canada, Land of OUR FOREFATHERS ...

Ô Canada, Terre de Mes Aïeux... was a sound made by French Canadians of the Patriots stream, that marked their identity very distinctively from the Sons of Loyalists and British-born settlers. It was a claim to all Canada as their territory. The partition of the Province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada was an unacceptable accommodation to Loyalist Losers, neither the "Lower" epithet to their identity. I'm not going to lecture you on History, but there is a pathos in Quebec that the anglo minority shall not play with. I must mention that Canadians and French Canadians were synonymous. Others were subjects of the British Empire or Natives. How did the title Canadian spread so deeply in the ROC. Was Pauline Marois within the Fathers of the Confederacy ?

Besides, the federalist stream releases a new book in Montreal : "Reconquering Canada".
Isn't identitarian and fascist enough ? Or a new "Mein Kampf" from the French Power.

Francis Déry, Montréal.

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