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La boîte de Pandore linguistique rouverte au fédéral

Denley: Bilingualism means public service isn't open to all Canadians


Un sondage place le NPD de Mulcair devant les libéraux de Trudeau

Cohen: NDP making gains in fight for progressive voters

Le prophète de Gatineau...

Don’t worry, Ignatieff, Quebec isn’t leaving


The Bloc’s popularity doesn’t mean much

Just go already

People in the rest of Canada should realize that the separation of Quebec wouldn't be a disaster -- in fact, it could be very beneficial

Why 50% plus one isn't enough

To be "open to Quebec" is to insist on a clear majority for secession.

Who really lost Quebec?

More critical for Canada today than weakness of the Liberals in Quebec is the weakness of the Conservatives in Quebec.

Quebec won't be NDP's focus: Layton

NDP leader talks health, new role

Blame the Bloc

The country has been ungovernable thanks to the large group of parliamentarians who have opted out of Canada

Duceppe Distinctly driven or done?

The Bloc leader is popular, but can he silence critics who say his party cannot attain power?

We need more Max Berniers

Radotage Johnson - Les colons ne sont pas ceux qu'on dit...

Decolonization theory runs deep in the separatist psyche

Seeds of FLQ terrorism will remain until this idea is renounced completely

PET - Just watch me crushing "100,000 revolutionary workers organized and armed." - Dans la série Ben Laden, H1N1, Iran, etc. Des mises en scène par les oligarques qui seront bientôt les seuls à y croire...

On the brink of chaos - 1

In the face of pressure to deal with the FLQ during the October Crisis 40 years ago, Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, and crushed terrorism in Quebec

Shooting the messenger

Where have angry anglos gone?

West Quebec group warns English rights can slip away

Quebec's original paranoia

The backlash against 'foreigners' has its roots in an age-old fear of English immigrants threatening the French identity