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Une décision de très grande portée...

Bell achèterait Gesca?

Péladeau locks in dominance of frozen Quebec

À surveiller de près, les intérêts géostratégiques du Québec sont en jeu !

The oil patch opens an eastern front

Des leçons pour le Québec

Duel dans l'Ouest

B.C. could withhold electricity from proposed pipelines, Premier suggests

Les madames jouent dur

Spoiled Kids? Hardly

Our students compare themselves to their baby-boomer parents, who had an even better deal, and many of them hold their elders accountable for failing to deliver on a promise of the Quiet Revolution: to move from “low tuitions” to “no tuitions.”

Quid des cornichons qui subissent les torts causés par ces arnaqueurs?

Shareholders the lucky ones as Coventree winds up

Mr. Cornish, through a spokesman, declined to comment. Mr. Tai, through a lawyer, did the same.

The ‘two solitudes’ get more solitary

We’ve entered an era of indifference where the “two solitudes” are more separate than ever. It’s like a couple that has drifted so far apart the partners don’t even feel the need to quarrel


Why the Quebec question still matters

With separatism on hold, what next for Quebec?

For the first time in decades, Canada does not live with the spectre of Quebec secession