Reaction to Mr. Beryl Wajsman's "No redemption..."

Tribune libre - 2007

How edifying it is to read morale from a man whose loose business
practices were extensively spread on TV during the Gomery investigation on
the canadian liberal party! Same old techniques, trying to make Québécois
feel guilty when making efforts to maintain the french culture.
[Admire the litterature->8355]:
… a prejudice that makes Quebec incapable of putting into place what should
really characterize a progressive, “integrated” civil society in Canada.
(good reason to disintegrate ourselves from Canada.)
… the true debate that is needed is about the ability of Quebec to
acculturate itself to liberal universal principles. (to eliminate Québec’s
… divisions inherant to parochialism of “de souche” and “pure laine” (words
talk by themselves: CONTEMPT!
Craignant d’avoir inachevé la conquête, certains dinosaures bien implantés
au cœur de Montréal tirent encore ainsi quelques salves sournoises sur le
français. Resterons-nous endormis comme Montcalm?
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