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Quebecer ineligible for French citizenship


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The French consulate in Montreal says Marie Mance Vallée isn't eligible for French citizenship because the land she considers her mother country lost the battle of the Plains of Abraham.
The consulate sent an email to The Gazette in response to a report in yesterday's paper that the Montreal woman was trying to reclaim her French citizenship because her ancestors came from France.
The email said consular officials would not comment on the subject except to say anyone who lost citizenship because of a treaty or the cessation of territory is not eligible to reclaim their citizenship.

Vallée, whose ancestors came to Quebec in the 1650s, said she plans to fight the ruling in hopes of becoming a French citizen.
The email also said anyone whose ancestors came from France after the 1763 signing of the Treaty of Paris, in which Quebec was ceded to the British, could under certain circumstances regain their citizenship.

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