Quebec Nordiques: NHL urged to avoid 'unfit' Pierre Karl Péladeau


Au Québec, le hockey, c'est de la politique !

A TVA minority shareholder is warning the National Hockey League to steer clear of Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau as it considers the restoration of the Quebec Nordiques franchise.

In a letter sent to the league’s board of governors, Luc Proulx described Péladeau as “a troublesome individual” who is “currently unfit to become a governor of the NHL, through Quebecor’s ownership of an NHL franchise.”

Quebecor manages Quebec City’s Videotron Centre and has pushed to bring an NHL team to the city and stadium.

While Proulx voiced his support for a Quebec City franchise, he argued that a number of Péladeau’s actions, including naming his brother to Quebecor’s board of directors, his six-month-long marriage to Julie Snyder, the brevity of his career in provincial politics and his litigious reputation, suggested that he’d be an unfit owner.

Proulx urged the NHL not to grant Quebecor a franchise until Péladeau “proceeds to the privatization of TVA Group.”