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In closing, that’s why Stephen Harper should be tried for crimes against humanity

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From a self-hating post in the Tyee, Murray Dobbin laments how we [Canada] have lost our once enviable position in the world to become a mean-spirited, disingenuous, and reactionary force against the rest of the planet. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It’s more of a Harper-hating post, bursting with angst about our big ole’ “carbon footprint” and the various occupations we’re engaged in around the world.
To sum up Mr. Dobbin’s points:
We’re destroying the planet by not acting on global warming. “No other country is so contemptuous of the interests of the planet.” [Not even Iran or North Korea, one is left to assume] And it’s all Stephen Harper’s fault.
Asbestos poisoning. Again, Harper’s fault. He has “championed” Quebec asbestos, probably in the hopes he can kill as many people in developing countries as he can manage. Combined with his inaction on global warming, Harper is practically a serial murderer.
Super-mutant seeds that will take over the world. Canada’s genetically modified seeds will force peasants around the world to depend on us to buy new seeds again because we’re greedy capitalists and… you guessed it… It’s that fascist Harper’s fault.
Tomatoes the size of your face. Genetically modified food is bad because… it’s bad. It just is, ok? Europe rejected GMO, and by God if it’s not good enough for Luxembourg, it’s not good enough for Canada!
The rape and genocide of all Afghans. Let’s face it, Canada’s renewed interest in having a military that can actually fight is nothing more than an effort to suck up to the fascistic Americans, not be peacekeepers [which is what we really are], and join the Americans in their “war on terror” [a.k.a. murdering Afghans].
Supporting the Zionist regime. Canada is, of course, complicit in war crimes against Gaza. We even blocked the democratically elected Hamas from official recognition! And the mass murder of Palestinians comes with Harper’s full endorsement.
Hatred of Africans. Thanks to Harper, Canada stopped sending aid to Africa overnight, including Rwanda, one of our proud “peacekeeping” legacies. Again, this is all part of Harper’s plan to Americanify Canada.
Neo-colonial imperialism in Latin America. Harper and his neo-liberal IMF/World Bank colleagues want to join the Americans in their “manifest destiny” of establishing corporate dominance in the Americas. They are hostile to Canada’s true allies, Cuba and Venezuela, while aligning with the fascists in Colombia.
Harper’s militant pro-life agenda and China. You heard me! Harper was doing nothing but sucking up to his pro-life socially conservative far-right christian fundamentalists by ignoring China because it has the highest rate of abortions in the world. Meanwhile Harper has been silent on the genocide of Gazans and Afghan detainees.
The Harper dictatorship. In just four years Harper has irreparably damaged relations with Europe, the entire Muslim world, the Middle East, all of Africa, all of Latin America, and all of China. In fact let’s just say “the world”, and be done with it.
In closing, that’s why Stephen Harper should be tried for crimes against humanity.
Now go and read the real article and tell me if I misquoted him.

Adrian MacNair is a Vancouver-based writer and blogger. Read more here.
Illustration: Liberal Party of Canada web site

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