Can’t Speak French - You are a Second Class Canadian!

Time for the NATION of Quebec to leave Canada

The Province of Quebec’s Nazi-like Anti-English Policies

Canada bilingue - misères d'une illusion

As a young Canadian you can fight and die for your country; your country says it values your sacrifice.
If you are an English-speaking Canadian though and can’t speak French, they have little respect for you. You may have noticed that most Canadian senior officers are French-Canadians and bilingual. That is the rule; it is no accident or happenstance. Canada welcomes English-speaking fighting men and women (always the vast bulk of our military) into its military services, but as leaders, you are not fit to serve.
You don’t plan to be an officer anyway so why does it`` matter? Well think about being commanded by an officer chosen by language ability and not necessarily by talent. Too bad! You may die because of the incompetence of your leader. A soldier, sailor or airman in a fight must be sure his leaders have been selected as the best available, not because they speak French. Your own country could care less about whether you live or die; it is all about appeasing Quebec and winning Quebec seats in parliament.
Being a French-speaker today is the key to success in Canada! The best leaders can no longer rise to the top. Whether you wish to enter politics, the civil service, work for a Crown corporation, join the military or any of the many federal government controlled businesses, you won’t be allowed through the French door!
The evidence shows that even if you struggle to speak enough French to make yourself understood, it won’t be good enough for the Francophone civil service employment screeners. The fix is in. Francophones will be selected even when their English is poor. In the Province of Quebec, don’t bother to apply if you have a non-French surname. The English-speaking individual is no longer the equal of any Quebecoise.
Officially Bilingual Ontario Soon (substitute your own province’s name)
But I live in Ontario, you may ask; “we are an English-speaking province, aren’t we?” Yes and No. For many years now city after city in the province has been declared Officially Bilingual. Why? Because years ago, when the concept of Official Bilingualism was brought in, it was said that services in French should be provided where the number of French speakers “warranted” such service and we said, “Sounds reasonable – eh?”
We opened the door of the tent to the proverbial “Camel” and soon he began to take over the tent. The phrase “where numbers warranted” was the Camel and it progressed into allowing any city or province to declare itself Officially Bilingual based on this undefined phrase. No doubt about it, we were all asleep. Camels and dictators have a habit of spitting on those they dislike. That ugly habit continues.
Next, some smart “Camel” managed to convince us that any city with 5,000 French-speakers could be declared Officially Bilingual. Toronto, a city of 2.5 million people with about 1.3% French speakers, easily passed the 5,000 mark and was declared Officially Bilingual. Never mind you can stand at the corner of Bloor and Yonge (one of the busiest corners in downtown Toronto) and ask directions in French and not one in one hundred passers-by could help you. They would probably think you were speaking Polish or Greek (no disrespect to those great people).
London Ontario on the other hand, with a population of some 350,000 had to gerrymander (fiddle with) its borders to find the magic 5,000 number and is now Officially Bilingual. Other cities have declared themselves Officially Bilingual. Whenever the public isn’t looking, the Francophone activists are pushing.
How has all this happened; aren’t we English-speakers the vast majority in Canada? Yes we are but our superiors, the elitist class that controls our governments, has decided that all Canada must be bilingual and everyone must to be forced to speak French. Whether that questionable ideal is possible or whether we agree or not, they don’t give a damn. As far as they are concerned, everything must be sacrificed; our history, our flag, our national anthem, our individual rights and even our freedom to participate in our own government at any level. We are ruled as if we are serfs, not free men and women.
How does our Government(s) force French in English-speaking Canada?
The answer is by stealth and a pack of lies. They have spent vast sums, equal to our national debt, to make sure it happened and continues to do so. Our governments, both federal and provincial have also funded multiple French-language groups, associations, newspapers, TV stations, in every town and city in English-speaking Canada to go after local and provincial governments to provide more and more services in French.
In addition, they fund a Court Challenges Program that pays all the legal expenses of French-activists to take our governments to court and have the courts rule that French services must be provided to them. Our governments refuse to help those who dare to object to their elitist pro-Francophone forced French policies.
These funded French language activists demand that our provincial and city governments fund French-only hospitals, French-only schools, bilingual police services, bilingual courts, etc. Translation facilities are not enough for them. Billions of dollars squandered to put a French face on all Canada, while at the same time education suffers, university fees go up, hospital services decline and jobs and careers are closed to unilingual English-speakers. Unbelievably, English-speakers have even been barred from French-only hospitals in Ontario. Soon it will become, “Francophones only need apply!” anywhere in Canada.
All this is being pushed on English-speaking Canadians whether we like it or not. Most English-speakers are still in the generous mode of thinking that “learning French is good, so what’s the problem?” It is unfortunate but again, as ever, there is a huge difference between force, penalty and individual free choice. We are faced with dictatorial edicts, preferential laws and affirmative action hiring. This has never been what our freedom -loving English-speaking people are about. It is unfair and demeaning to any unilingual citizen and certainly speaks ill of our oppressors.
Governments that insist selling the dream of keeping Quebec in Canada by making the Quebecoise feel at home all across English-speaking Canada are martinets. They have proven that they don’t care that in the process, they push English-only speakers into a denigrated and diminished second-class citizenry. Such governments are traitors to our heritage of individual freedoms and deserve to be ousted from any leadership role.
Ontario Voters must Wake Up, Stand Up and say NO to Forced French!
The Government of Ontario has recently appointed a French Language Commissioner to promote the use of French everywhere in Ontario. His job is to demand more French-speaking employees in the civil service as well as dole out even more of our money to fund Francophone groups. As more Francophones are employed, they will demand to work in French (as is now the case in many federal departments). But that is just the start! That “Camel” will soon put his foot firmly on the neck of Ontario English-speakers everywhere in Ontario by demanding that Ontario be declared Officially Bilingual.
The City of Ottawa has recently mandated that there will be no promotions to senior positions policy unless their employees are fully bilingual. Ottawa is 83% English-speaking. Premier McGuinty was asked to intervene, but refused. The die is cast. English-speaking citizens don’t count, except at election time!! Ontario is critical and has the most seats in our Canadian Parliament. They must be denied to any political Party promoting Official Bilingualism in this and any other English-speaking province.
First it was the Employment Equity Act of Ontario, voted in by the Rae NDP government and its “No White Men Need Apply” policy (we had a huge fight to throw that racist policy out). Now it is a “No Unilingual English-speaking Applicants Need Apply” policy. This means another big fight unless McGuinty and our forced French MPs in Ottawa are stopped now! McGuinty is a menace to English-only citizens.
The same situation is occurring across other provinces, force-fed by our federal tax dollars. Our anti-English pro-French federal government recently announced plans to spend $75,000,000 dollars or more to bring African French-speakers to Canada in order to reinforce French communities in English speaking towns and cities all across Canada. All designed to force the spread of the French language in all English-speaking provinces and cities and deliberately speed up the process of sending unilingual English-speakers “to the back of the bus!”
Most cities across English-speaking Canada have a tiny minority of French-speakers and most of them speak English. They live here because they want to. Being of French background has never excluded any person from any participation in the life or work of the country; they have always been respected, just as any other fellow citizen. The same cannot be said of Quebec.
These French anti-English activists are winning no friends in the rest of Canada. If they really believed what they say they would hive off to Quebec and force that province to push English down their Quebecoise confrere’s unilingual French throats. While they are at it they should direct Graham Fraser, the new Commissioner of Languages for Canada and another vitriolic French-language pusher, to spend his entire pro-French budget on attacking the Quebec government’s vicious anti-English policies.
The Province of Quebec’s Nazi-like Anti-English Policies
The Province of Quebec, has declared itself unilingual French. The signage on federal highways is French only. The signs on English or “other” businesses are forced to display French lettering twice the size of the English lettering (by Quebec Law, not by preference of the owner). If you come from an English-speaking country other than Canada and move to Quebec with your wife and children, your children cannot be sent to English-speaking schools. Even if your kids are born in Quebec, you will be forced to send them to a French-speaking school, unless one of them attended an English-speaking school in another province.
If you offend the French language police (the people who run around like mini-Gestapo and check on the size of lettering on signs and the names and lettering of labels on sausages and bread) you will be hauled to court and fined. English is an officially despised and derided language in the Province of Quebec and frankly, they would prefer English-speakers just left. Some 450,000 English-speakers have already done so and are continuing to do so. It is called linguistic cleansing. Not bloody - but bloody awful.
One would think French Canadians must be a majority in Canada; they have a lot of Americans believing that, a lot of Europeans too. But no, they are a substantial minority and unfortunately not a very happy one in the body politic of Canada.
They have recently been designated a NATION by our Parliament, all Parties voting Yes!! What goes here? Why are English-speakers in the rest of Canada being treated like dirt and why is Quebec forever being treated like an expensive spoiled wee princess?
Time to Reclaim Our British Heritage and Individual Civil Rights
Why are people of British heritage, still by far the largest group of people in Canada, being ignored? Where is our NATION Status? By what magic did the people of British descent; the Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh that built the rest of Canada, brought their freedoms and laws to all, and established our democratic government and legal institutions suddenly become social outcasts?
This does not ignore the contributions of so many others that have done great work in helping build Canada in the last century, but our English-speaking civilization is over 400 years old on this continent and huge numbers of Canadians stem from these people. Not to denigrate the Quebecoise, but they did not create these free societies, they benefited from them, as have so many other peoples that have come here for peace and freedom.
Most minorities (about 19% of our population) want peace and an opportunity to live and raise their children in an open and decent society. They want Canada to allow them to fulfil their dreams. They enthusiastically support the same laws for everyone and no special laws for special groups of people. Unfortunately, they have never been told why we have been a peaceful country and why Canada is a great place to live. It did not drop like an apple from a tree! If our history is hidden, they cannot learn and neither can any Canadian young person anywhere.
Let’s stop gazing at our collective navels and start digging our heels in. It is time to tell those who think they are our “betters,” NO! Not another step further. If Quebec wants to be a NATION, it must leave and we must get back to the principle of “the equality of all citizens before and under the same laws.” Good fences make good neighbours!
We must resurrect our pride in our accomplishments as a free people and reassert our place in the historical settlement of North America and Canada. We must acknowledge our brotherhood in freedom with Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and all other parliamentary inheritors of the very freedoms that have given inspiration to so many new free and striving to be free societies in the wider World.
If we do not stand up for our heritage and principles, the elitist power seekers of the liberal elitist establishment will continue to warp and bend every freedom we ever fought for. The blood of our heroes throughout the centuries will be on our hands. Remember;
“If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies blow in Flanders Fields”

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