It’s Easy To Be Sick And Tired Of Quebec

When Ontario and the rest of Canada isn’t there to sign Quebec’s welfare checks, they’ll understand where their true place within Confederation has always been.


I will be in Montreal this Sunday (March 2, 2008), speaking at a meeting
of Affiliation Quebec. Other speakers will include Allen Nutik who has
taken the burden upon himself as being the voice of Quebec’s English
speaking community by founding the Affiliation Quebec Party.
The other speaker will be Brent Tyler, who has done more, and sacrificed
more for the rights of all people within Quebec to be equal in the eyes of
the courts than anyone else.
Also in attendance at this meeting will be the newest flavor of
ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, in the name of LES JEUNES PATRIOTES
(young patriots).
The meeting is open to the public at 2:00 o’clock at no charge at Ruby
Foos Hotel on Decarie Boulevard, just across from Blue Bonnets Race Track.
On their Web Site,these young
ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists are preparing to attend this meeting as
troublemakers. They will be there in force to intimidate the people who
want to attend. And they will do their best to shout down those who will be
Their Web Site pictures me as a dog-rat captured in a bottle (quite
creative actually). Their headline translated into English reads:
The Return of Galganov.
These are the same pukie thugs who think Freedom of Speech, Freedom of
Association and Freedom of Assembly are freedoms only they should have.
Several years ago, a violent group of pro Palestinian anti-Semites stopped
Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at Concordia University in Montreal. To
them, this was a great victory. To these “jeunes patriotes” schmucks, if
they are able to stop us from speaking, that would in their sick minds be a
great victory too.
But that won’t happen!
I will not allow that to happen!
If I have to speak in the parking lot in the midst of these thugs, that’s
what I will do. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!
Canada has been intimidated by ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists for far
too long.
Their behavior has been excused and tolerated by Anglo apologists and
appeasers for far too long.
Their threats have produced results for their cause for far too long.
They have had their way with Canada for far too long.
When the people of Canada finally realize what the cost of ethnocentric
Quebecois nationalism has been to the rest of Canada, these young pukes
will only be shouting at each other, because no one else will care.
When Ontario and the rest of Canada isn’t there to sign Quebec’s welfare
checks, they’ll understand where their true place within Confederation has
always been.
When there is no money left for Quebec healthcare, they will have no one
to scream at but themselves.
When the infrastructure of Quebec becomes irreparable because there will
no longer be Canadian dollars to fix the roads, the bridges and everything
else Quebec has neglected, who will they turn to?
Let these pecker-heads scream. Let the cameras of the media capture them
as they really are. Let the rest of Canada see who we’re twisting ourselves
into pretzels for, and maybe we’ll stop twisting.
I was supposed to appear on Rogers Cable television in Ottawa (22 on the
dial) this Monday evening to debate a supporter of Official Bilingualism.
But, it was cancelled because they couldn’t find anyone from the Official
Bilingualism Commission to debate with me.
So they moved it to this Thursday (February 28, 2008), but they still
can’t find anyone willing to go one and one against me. So this is what I
told the producer:
“I will not put my life on hold waiting for them to find someone with the
courage of conviction to debate with me. So here’s the deal. I will come
on-air this Thursday evening between 9 and 10 o’clock. If there is someone
to debate. Good. If not. That will be good too.”
Unfortunately, Rogers Cable has a limited reach within the greater Ottawa
area from Rockland to Carleton Place. But, if you can get the channel, I
assure you a good hour of facts the apologists for Official Bilingualism do
not want you to know.
If you intend to attend the 2:00 o’clock Sunday meeting at Ruby Foos in
Montreal, and want to buy an ANGRYPHONE DVD produced by Jimmy K, I will
have 20 copies with me.
The price for each DVD is $20 all-in. $10 will go to Jimmy K to cover the
cost of production. The balance will go to Affiliation Quebec as’s donation for their cause.
If you would like to pre-reserve a DVD of ANGRYPHONE, please let me know
in advance by email, and I will make certain to have one waiting for you at
the meeting.
For the people who have already seen this DVD, the reviews are fabulous.
If you want to know more about and how you can support what
I’m doing, please click on the red link at the bottom of this page.
Remember: Together – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA
Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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