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La COVID est le plus grand bobard politique de tous les temps

Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history


La presse américaine se mêle de la campagne québécoise

Political party vying in Quebec election promises to kick out immigrants who fail ‘values test’


Le piège référendaire : « Les référendums sécessionnistes unilatéraux débouchent rarement sur des États souverains. »

Catalonia is just the most recent referendum on sovereignty. Why are they proliferating?

Le Washington Post anticipe le démantèlement prochain de l'Union Européenne

A British exit could be just the start of Europe’s unraveling in 2016


La Norvège abolit sa loi contre le blasphème

Norway repeals blasphemy law, in response to Charlie Hebdo murders


Les États-Unis reculent et reconnaissent maintenant que la Russie n'y est pour rien

U.S. discloses intelligence on downing of Malaysian jet

« La Catalogne n’est pas l’Espagne. »

In Spain, separatist fever rises in time of crisis

23 G U$D pour 17 régions — 6,5 G U$D pour la Catalogne

National Security

Freeman Withdraws From Intel Position

Leaving No Tracks (4)

Environmental Policy - Dick Cheney steered some of the Bush administration's most important environmental decisions -- easing air pollution controls, opening public parks to snowmobiles and diverting river water from threatened salmon.

A Strong Push From Back Stage (3)

Dominating Budget Decisions - Working behind the scenes, Dick Cheney has made himself the dominant voice on tax and spending policy, outmaneuvering rivals for the president's ear.

Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power (2)

Wars and Interrogations - Convinced that the “war on terror” required “robust interrogations” of captured suspects, Dick Cheney pressed the Bush administration to carve out exceptions to the Geneva Conventions.

A Different Understanding With the President (1)

Working in the Background - A master of bureaucracy and detail, Cheney exerts most of his influence out of public view.

As Europe Grows Grayer, France Devises a Baby Boom

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