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Quebec’s English-language education bill is everyone’s villain

English and French condemn Bill 103, but for very different reasons


A separatist maverick who, like his patriotic Confederation namesake, loved Quebec

Cartier could be a fierce opponent, be it across a dinner table with friends or on the stump for the Parti Québécois

How billionaires bagged the tea party

Guest columnist Jeet Heer explores the secret history of plutocrat populism, from William Randolph Hearst to the Koch brothers

The Bloc's silent partner

The Quebec Liberal Party is complicit in separatism's continued appeal to Quebeckers

Le GM se félicite -- il fallait se protéger du danger - Pas un mot sur le "grossissement criminel du danger" par les médias, préalable démagogique à la "demande de protection" contre la maladie, le terrorisme, etc.

H1N1 is over, but the next pandemic awaits

Canadians cannot afford to be complacent about the proven value of flu vaccines – or about the probability of the next pandemic.

We needed WikiLeaks

More disclosure is, on balance, a good thing, but the leaking of raw military intelligence is a special case that requires a careful approach.

Remove the jail threat to resolve census woes

The National Statistics Council has provided a middle way that should encourage the federal government to relent on its drastic plan to alter the Canadian census

Federal statistical folly in full view

The resignation of Munir Sheikh, Canada's chief statistician, represents the loss of a respected public servant, and a further blow to the credibility of a venerable agency.

Just what we need: a $16-billion fighter jet

The F-35 simply doesn’t fit with Canada’s basic defence requirements

Anglo Society flag causes uproar in New Brunswick town

Bathurst francophones say the sole purpose of the group is to suppress French

À force de tripatouiller les mêmes menaces, Pitt Bill en a les dents usées... Un minable petit "warrior" de salon (saloon)!

In Quebec, the Queen is still Wolfe in sheep’s clothing

Fault lines and the new G-G: warm greetings versus silence

Le G&M à la défense des droits... : féliciter la désobéissance civile à Paris contre la répression des droits, et se féliciter de la répression policière à Toronto contre l'exercice des droits.

Fighting a burka ban with a bucketful of euros

Les Canadians aiment leur nouveau GG - Grand bien leur fasse! Nous, on s'en fout!

David Johnston: a worthy viceroy

Enfin, le Canada a trouvé son chemin - Bonne chance!Le Québec y sera contraint dans peu de temps...

2010: The year Canada grew up

From sound banking to maternal-health funding, the gold-medal nation at the Olympics has been leading the world by example

Blokage canadian - les amis de Charest ont encore cette mentalité coloniale, voire nazie, de confondre la nation et le sang. Les Québécois ne sont pas les canadiens-français. La nation québécoise est diversité et modernité. Il y a des indépendantistes de toutes les couleurs. Mais quand on voit rouge mur à mur, on devient aveugle à la réalité.

Immigration, old age and technology to rule Wente's Canada 47 years from now

Margaret Wente describes what Canada will be like in 47 years, as the country’s national age rises and its population becomes more dependent on immigration

Les Canadians se réjouissent de ce qui nous laisse indifférents... Olympiques, G-20, stabilité bancaire, etc.

2010 is a year that belongs to Canada

Even the first half of the year has been full of astonishing accomplishments

‘Weapons’ seized in G20 arrests not what they seem

Police display items confiscated in unrelated incidents

PQ must have plan for governing independent country: Parizeau

Need for sovereignty as strong as ever, ex-premier says