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    Chroniqueur politique au magazine Maclean's.

The ego behind the exits at the PQ

Paul Wells on how Jacques Parizeau lives to undermine leaders who don’t share his reckless passion for sovereignty

Accommodements raisonnables: plaidoyer pour la tolérance

Conférence de Micheline Milot - plaidoyer pour l’ouverture

The unflappable Jean Charest

Despite scandal and horror-show headlines, Charest is confidently leading Quebec

Le Stéphane Dion que je connais

Le nouveau chef libéral est tout à fait "montrable" au Québec et partout au Canada

Old dogs, old tricks, and a PM curiously unruffled

Harper wisely stays away from an existential debate over Quebec

When wooing Quebec, all roads lead to Meech

Some people may not agree that Quebec is a 'nation,' or that it is the only one in Canada

The secret plot to destroy the Liberals

What's with all the back-scratching between the Tories, the NDP and the BQ? 'We want to remove the Liberals from the game board,' says one MP.