Don MacPherson

The Caisse controversy just won't go away

Sabia's appointment still draws fire, and not just because he is a 'Canadian'

Quebec to Ottawa: Give us money

don't expect thanks; Charest wants billions in federal money but won't give Ottawa any credit

Liberals are getting pounded over the Caisse losses

So far, they have ducked formal debate on the fund, but not for much longer

Mario Dumont's golden parachute from the taxpayers

ADQ leader will make more by quitting than by staying in National Assembly

Une colère venimeuse...

Sovereignist rocker gets care from 'English' hospital

Éric Lapointe, who supports the PQ, received treatment at the Royal Vic

Quebec's French connection

Quebecers are used to the subtlety of French diplomacy, not the in-your-face proclamations of Sarkozy

Charest ducking latest battle on Plains of Abraham

The premier is reluctant to be caught in political crossfire over re-enactment

Exit, quacking

If history tells us anything, this could be Charest's last term as premier

Debate was a flop

TV executives like the new format, but the numbers show Quebecers weren't impressed

The two faces of Quebec Premier Jean Charest

If re-elected, which Charest will it be: the fiscal reformer, or the solid administrator?

Anglos are shunned or taken for granted

Political parties assume anglos will vote Liberal, so they don't woo their vote

The Gambler

Charest rolled the dice by criticizing federal Conservatives, but the gamble appears to have paid off