Ian L. MacDonald

Quebec's two bad ideas

And so the PQ seriously discussed two bad ideas — one old and one new, that could destroy Quebec’s hard-won peace, or least truce, on the language issue.

The Liberal follies

Slap-stick politics in candidate selection in Quebec

Gender parity will rank as one of Charest's greatest achievements

It will be hard for any future cabinet not to have equal numbers of men and women

Constitutional trial balloon won't fly

Harper and provinces in no mood to mess with federal relations to suit Quebec

Beginning of the end for Jean Charest

He has the summer to get his act together and improve party fortunes

Tax cut already cost Charest

Liberals paid for promise at the polls and in political capital in Ottawa

Bloc had chance to guarantee Quebec seats, but blew it

Both the Bloc and PQ opposed accord and now Quebec is paying the price

Marois flexes her muscles

As a condition of becoming leader, she lays down the law to her party's hard-liners

The Deuce' gets caught in cheesy bluff

Gilles Duceppe has only himself to blame for the wreckage of his PQ campaign

Bloc leader can't afford to turn down another date with destiny

PQ fortunes might be low, but it remains the HQ of the sovereignty movement

Bloc offside

The Shane Doan affair has brought out the worst in the Bloc Quebecois