Jeffrey Simpson

Just what we need: a $16-billion fighter jet

The F-35 simply doesn’t fit with Canada’s basic defence requirements

If the secession question is clear, Scots will say No

Most of them, like most Quebeckers, hesitate to choose a smaller, weaker country

Newfoundland's never-ending power politics

When electricity's involved, the Rock has its own version of Je me souviens

No offence, Prince, but our ties to the monarchy should end

After Queen Elizabeth – long may she reign over us! – it's time to recognize we are Canadian, not British

Champlain's dream lives on in North America

For historian David Hackett Fischer, the Frenchman was, above all, a ‘humanist'

Tired rhetoric, and not much more

Michael Ignatieff's critiques have done little to separate the Liberals and Conservatives on the deficit, stimulus or foreign affairs

Quebec's gain, Harper's pain and Ontario's drain

(...) the Parti Québécois, which, like its federal cousin the Bloc Québécois, will always demand more money and power for the province, pending secession.