«Non quia timemus non audemus, sed quia non audemus, timemus»
«Ce n'est pas parce que nous avons peur que nous n'osons pas; c'est parce que nous n'osons pas que nous avons peur».

Des doutes commencent à surgir

L’attentat de Boston : une manipulation ?

Suspects Leave WITH Backpacks, Craft Paramilitary Contractors Run Out WITHOUT Backpacks

Since the start of this I have had the persistent feeling or hunch that this did not go as planned by Government false flaggers. One reason for this nagging feeling is that maybe they had more bombs – experimental nukes ? – that did not go off, since every new technology is prone to fail until bugs get worked out.

Maybe with more horrific death and destruction they could have brought about a dictatorship imposition agenda ? But the aggregated Phi Beta Iota explanation may better account for why I’ve had this feeling, especially if we factor in the lack of amputation confirmation and the presence of actors.

If they wanted it to be a lot worse I don’t think they would use actors and fake amputees, which would require planning to include. But if the PBI collective is right, this could be a very dangerous next couple of weeks in the Republic, because if these killers, the ones who did the Kennedys and MLK, 911, etc., are afraid of being outed due to their over-reach here, they may feel compelled to use a major mass casualty option, neutron bombs, gas attacks, over large urban areas, for starters ?

In light of the astonishing article posted by Gordon Duff, they are certain to get Israeli blacks ops renegades involved in any such an initiative. If so though, they don’t have much time to make it happen. They will have to hit very hard or face the music, unless, of course, the American people go back into their usual comatose state with “Dancing With the Stars” and baseball.

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