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Bloc Quebecois uses Rio Olympics to promote independence with video of athlete winning medal for Quebec

dimanche 7 août 2016

The Bloc Québécois didn’t hesitate to use the Rio Olympics as an opportunity to promote Quebec independence with a video timed with the international competition’s opening.

The sovereigntist party shared a video on Facebook and Twitter Thursday of an athlete stepping up to the podium and accepting an Olympic medal with the province’s flag on her shoulders.

The video ends with the words “L’indépendance, c’est prendre sa place dans le monde.”

President and MP for the Bloc, Mario Beaulieu, dreams of the days Quebec participates in the games as a country. He “celebrates” athletes who show “their pride of belonging to a Quebec nation” during competitions.

Interim leader, Rhéal Fortin, underlined the determination of these athletes and said his party is “inspired in its quest for independence”.

The video had nearly 50,000 views on Facebook Saturday morning.

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